Kyrie Irving Hit Taj Gibson With The Shammgod

The Bulls took another one on the chin tonight in Cleveland. ‘Twas an ugly display of basketball by Los Toros.  Derrick Rose (28/7/2) played refreshingly well, but, besides that, this team is a mess. The bench mob performed well in the waning minutes, giving Bulls bettors a much-needed backdoor cover, but this game was far worse than the 106-95 score indicates. Bulls fans beware: it’s gonna be a tough stretch without Jimmy Butler.

About mid-way through the beating, Kyrie Irving found himself 1-on-1 with Taj Gibson and busted out the Shammgod crossover, pushing the ball in front of his body and drawing it back with the same hand. Looks like he might have even sprawled into a  spider dribble, too, springing free to drop a pretty floater off the glass. Long story short, Taj got put on skates.

The Shammgod is the third most beautiful move in all of basketball, right behind a well-executed Up & Under (as a 6’4 Caucasian, I am contractually obligated to love post moves) and anything performed by Jason Chandler Williams.

It’s a damn shame there’s not more highlights of God himself. By all accounts, he had the best handle to ever grace the hardwood.  No wonder the Providence Friars are a team to watch this March; Graduate Assistant Shammgod has been coaching up Kris Dunne & Co.


So Long, Captain Kirk

Let’s go to Chicago for a Bulls fan’s POV. Jeff, your thoughts?

In all fairness, Hawks fans aren’t happy about losing that Maytag. Such a killer machine.

As KC Johnson tweeted above, this is a salary dump for the Bulls and a way to scoop another draft pick in what is evidently now a full-on rebuilding year. Unfortunately for Hinrich, he’s the odd man out after coming back to the Bulls to presumably finish his career in Chicago. So, now, lets bid adieu to our sweet, sweet prince.

He had some “8th man in your corporate hoops league who somehow snuck onto the team” moments like this

But he has also been one of the most consistent figures in Chicago sports since 2003. He’s a guy most fans forget is even in the league, an afterthought in every game since 2008. His scoring role has diminished with the rise of Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, but his plus/minus and assist contributions are always steady. Once in a blue moon The Captain will even rise up and drop a dub on your ass.

Hinrich earned Chicago’s respect through a decade-plus of grinding. He’s limited athletically but still a solid third point guard and great locker room presence for any young contender. I loved Kirk at KU and loved him with the Bulls. He balled for a very bad Bulls organization those first five years of his career. Teenage Tyson Chandler, Eddie Curry, Jalen Rose, Jamal Crawford – those were supposed to be our studs, but, instead, Kirk and a young Loul Deng picked up the slack when their uninspired teammates continually checked out (Ben Gordon was solid for a minute there, too, I guess). Hinrich led us through the dark post-Jordan days and became a wily veteran leader once competitive basketball finally returned to the city.

If Hinrich and the Bulls seem drawn together like magnets, it’s because they are. Kirk has been traded a few times and always found his way back because, evidently, he and Bulls management value each others partnership. Even so, chances are high that Kirk has played his last game for Los Toros. Sure, I could talk myself into the idea of a ridiculously cheap vet minimum player/assistant coach contract in which Kirk spends one last season rocking a tearaway suit and rec specs every game, but that’s likely a fantasy of mine and mine alone. Realistically, I would love to see Hinrich return as a scout or Ops director at some point down the line. Dude is a basketball lifer and tough as nails. Kirk Hinrich can captain my squad any day.

PS – That 2002-2003 Kansas team made me fall in love with college hoops. Hinrich, Nick Collison, Wayne Simien, Keith Langford, Aaron Miles.  Incredible college lineup.

PPS – Kirk also sports some of the best ink in The Association. Perfect “Harry Potter went to public school” wrist tattoos. Don’t mess with that guy.



This Flying Dunk Squad Ripped The Backboard Off A Church Gym

Give it up one time for the Liberty U SOAR squad. I’ve never heard of these gravity-defying, basketball-slammin’ Christian acrobats but best believe I respect the hustle. Do you think these guys realize how ridiculous it is that they’re flying off trampolines and shattering backboards in the Central Baptist Church gym in Portsmouth, Virginia?  If this performance goes as planned, no videos go viral and all we’re really working with here is a gym full of Virginia’s fifty most boring Baptists and a squad of Christian circus freaks. If that doesn’t result in some self-reflection, I don’t know what will.

Jalen Rose Drops The Hammer On Derek Fisher


At this point it’s pretty much accepted that Derek Fisher is a selfish scumbag when it comes to navigating the dating world. He stole ex-teammate/friend Matt Barnes woman, is rumored to have done the same to two of his former players (Tim Hardaway Jr and Cleanthony Early), and, now, Jalen Rose is cracking jokes at his expense on national television. Clearly, Rose is making a “joke,” but he’s not the type to speak ill about other Association members without good reason.  There is clearly a lot of truth to these rumors and – I believe – it’s evident that players around the league have lost a lot of respect for D-Fish.  Jalen keeps it real; if he’s making an on-air joke like this, he’s most definitely relaying a sentiment held throughout the NBA.

The big question is will Fisher get another head coaching job in the NBA?  Paramount to X’s and O’s, coaches need to command respect from their players.  It’s impossible to lead twelve millionaire egomaniacs void of trust and accountability.  On the most basic human level, men do not respect friends or associates who turn their loved ones into shaded intersections of a sexual Venn diagram.  That’s the move of a backstabber. You wanna date my girl?  Fine, go ahead, but you’re cut off.  There’s no doubt if my mind the this fiasco played a huge role in the way Fisher was viewed in the Knicks locker room, and, ultimately, in his firing.  A GM would be a fool to let Derek Fisher lead another team in the near future.

Henceforth, Every Month’s Rent Check Shall Don A Dennis Rodman Stamp

I didn’t wake up today expecting to blog about stamps, but, thanks to The Worm, them’s the breaks. Dennis Rodman is one-of-kind; a maniac’s king amongst cowardly men; Basketball’s David Bowie. It’s only fitting that he should have the most bitching stamp in the bland history of such an archaic government institution. I need a roll of Rodman stamps like I need my purple Vans, Levi 511’s, red wine, and ribeye steaks. Really make sure my recipients know what I’m all about.

[Insert obligatory awesome Rodman highlights here]


PS – I highly doubt that I’ll actually be buying any Rodman stamps, but I damn sure need a 4×4 print of this bad boy. So, so sick.

PPS – Do people mail anything other than rent checks these days? Can’t remember the last time I used a stamp for anything else.  Even my sweet, dementia-ridden grandmother can operate email and PayPal. Adapt or die, landlords.

Don’t Talk Politics At the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game Or ESPN’s Sage Steele Will Hipcheck You To Timbuktu


Win Butler’s got game, fellas.

I actually love tuning into the NBA celeb game every year because – at least I think – it makes me feel like I’m not that far off an All-Star performance in the Association. The celebrities are absolutely trash every year. Kevin Hart a 4-time MVP?  My man is a funny standup comic but Yappy The Dwarf is straight embarrassing on the hardwood. Somehow, every participant is afraid to give lil’ man a forearm shiver. Put Kevin on his Men’s Size 26 ass and that’s that.  My shamefully concerned Celebrity All-Star Game rant ends here.

Anyway, Win Butler of Arcade Fire actually has some game and ended up being named MVP of the outing.  Despite his status as a native Californian, the Montreal resident led Team Canada to a decisive victory with 15 points, 14 boards, and some sexy play on the block


Butler made the most of his MVP speech to announce his celebrity game retirement (smart move) and pop a quick political opine in America’s grillpiece.

“Thank you, I just want to say it’s an election year in the U.S., and the U.S. has a lot they can learn from Canada, healthcare, taking care of people…”

Steele cuts him off, grabs the microphone back and says “We’re talking about celebrity stuff, not politics. Congratulations.”

I meeaaannn, he’s not wrong.  Not wanting to serve as a liberal rocker’s political soapbox during a corporate celebrity basketball game is certainly understandable, but Sage Steele might want to rethink things next time she throws such a vicious hipcheck.  Talk about reckless abandonment.  On CBC no less.


After seeing Butler drop tears all over the court in Toronto, you don’t want to mess with that man.  With a guy like Win, there’s always a faint threat of voodoo in the mix.  If not that, he might even break you off on a technically sound Up & Under.  That alone ain’t worth the risk.

It really is ridiculous, but I have an entirely new found respect for Win Butler.  I’ve always enjoyed Arcade’s music, in passing, but would never really seek it out.  Now that I know the big man can ball (in addition to shredding six instruments and assembling a modern Indie orchestra)?  Sign me up.  He seems more approachable.  Maybe next time Sage will let a man finish his valid point and move on.  Be less of a pawn, Steele.

PS – Only the worst dude ever can spend all day with hoop legends, models, and comedians, win the game MVP, and proceed to preach about politics.  Mellow out, Win.

Metta World Peace Is Obsessed With Tim Tebow, Had Never Seen Cam Newton Play Before Super Bowl 50


metta world peace

Every sports fan’s favorite Queensbridge native hopped on The Michael Kay Show this afternoon to discuss Kobe’s swansong, Matt Barnes v. Derek Fisher, the state of the New York Knicks, Cam Newton, and his beloved New York Jets.  The Johnny formerly known as Ron was his entertainingly erratic self, bouncing from his relationship with Fisher and Barnes to potential Knicks head coaching prospects to analysis of the NYK roster and efficiency of the triangle offense.

The two best moments of this hit come when Metta weighs in with some thoughts on the NFL.  The proud New Yorker is a huge Jets fan, but, admittedly, does not follow the league outside of Gang Green.  Starting around 4:40, Peter Rosenberg asks Metta to share his thoughts on Cam Newton’s post-Super Bowl behavior.  World Peace shares that he had somehow never seen Cam play prior to Super Bowl 50, but, that didn’t stop him from offering advice on an issue which he was clearly unaware.  I’m pretty sure Metta didn’t stay up to watch Newton’s post-game presser.

Then, around 10:25, World Peace goes on an amazing rant professing his love for Tim Tebow.  Somehow, some way, Ron Artest is obsessed with Tebow.  “Never met him, never even heard his voice,” but he still wants Tebow to quarterback the New York Jets.  I’d give anything to watch a Metta/Tebow reality show where the duo visits each others hometowns, trains amateur athletes and gives motivational speeches.  Just picture Tebow getting dragged through the Queensbridge projects; Metta whooping it up at a Jacksonville Waffle House; Tebow giving motivational speeches to inmates while Metta interrupts to tell them how he threw games at St. John’s and smuggled booze into NBA locker rooms. Gold, Jerry, gold!