Nothing To See Here, Just A Chunk Of Bone Cut Out Of Astros Reliever Pat Neshek’s Foot

Veteran relief pitcher Pat Neshek, currently with the Houston Astros, had surgery to alleviate pain in his right foot this offseason.’s Brian McTaggart reported that “it was a minor procedure… to repair a fracture.”  This is not interesting news, but when Neshek showed up to spring training this week he revealed that there was a pretty sizable piece of bone removed from his foot, relative to the size of bones typically cut out of human bodies.  We’re not talking about a small incision and bone-shaving procedure here. Neshek had a damn meatball cut out of his body.

Plop that in a brothy bowl of diced onion, parsley, and parmesan cheese and you’ve got Italian Wedding soup for lunch.  Now excuse me while I find the nearest men’s room.