Henceforth, Every Month’s Rent Check Shall Don A Dennis Rodman Stamp

I didn’t wake up today expecting to blog about stamps, but, thanks to The Worm, them’s the breaks. Dennis Rodman is one-of-kind; a maniac’s king amongst cowardly men; Basketball’s David Bowie. It’s only fitting that he should have the most bitching stamp in the bland history of such an archaic government institution. I need a roll of Rodman stamps like I need my purple Vans, Levi 511’s, red wine, and ribeye steaks. Really make sure my recipients know what I’m all about.

[Insert obligatory awesome Rodman highlights here]


PS – I highly doubt that I’ll actually be buying any Rodman stamps, but I damn sure need a 4×4 print of this bad boy. So, so sick.

PPS – Do people mail anything other than rent checks these days? Can’t remember the last time I used a stamp for anything else.  Even my sweet, dementia-ridden grandmother can operate email and PayPal. Adapt or die, landlords.