Kyrie Irving Hit Taj Gibson With The Shammgod

The Bulls took another one on the chin tonight in Cleveland. ‘Twas an ugly display of basketball by Los Toros.  Derrick Rose (28/7/2) played refreshingly well, but, besides that, this team is a mess. The bench mob performed well in the waning minutes, giving Bulls bettors a much-needed backdoor cover, but this game was far worse than the 106-95 score indicates. Bulls fans beware: it’s gonna be a tough stretch without Jimmy Butler.

About mid-way through the beating, Kyrie Irving found himself 1-on-1 with Taj Gibson and busted out the Shammgod crossover, pushing the ball in front of his body and drawing it back with the same hand. Looks like he might have even sprawled into a  spider dribble, too, springing free to drop a pretty floater off the glass. Long story short, Taj got put on skates.

The Shammgod is the third most beautiful move in all of basketball, right behind a well-executed Up & Under (as a 6’4 Caucasian, I am contractually obligated to love post moves) and anything performed by Jason Chandler Williams.

It’s a damn shame there’s not more highlights of God himself. By all accounts, he had the best handle to ever grace the hardwood.  No wonder the Providence Friars are a team to watch this March; Graduate Assistant Shammgod has been coaching up Kris Dunne & Co.


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