Jalen Rose Drops The Hammer On Derek Fisher


At this point it’s pretty much accepted that Derek Fisher is a selfish scumbag when it comes to navigating the dating world. He stole ex-teammate/friend Matt Barnes woman, is rumored to have done the same to two of his former players (Tim Hardaway Jr and Cleanthony Early), and, now, Jalen Rose is cracking jokes at his expense on national television. Clearly, Rose is making a “joke,” but he’s not the type to speak ill about other Association members without good reason.  There is clearly a lot of truth to these rumors and – I believe – it’s evident that players around the league have lost a lot of respect for D-Fish.  Jalen keeps it real; if he’s making an on-air joke like this, he’s most definitely relaying a sentiment held throughout the NBA.

The big question is will Fisher get another head coaching job in the NBA?  Paramount to X’s and O’s, coaches need to command respect from their players.  It’s impossible to lead twelve millionaire egomaniacs void of trust and accountability.  On the most basic human level, men do not respect friends or associates who turn their loved ones into shaded intersections of a sexual Venn diagram.  That’s the move of a backstabber. You wanna date my girl?  Fine, go ahead, but you’re cut off.  There’s no doubt if my mind the this fiasco played a huge role in the way Fisher was viewed in the Knicks locker room, and, ultimately, in his firing.  A GM would be a fool to let Derek Fisher lead another team in the near future.


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