Actors Dramatically Reading Justin Beiber’s “Sorry” Is Internet Gold

These dramatic reading vids parallel the lip reading videos and “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” in that they are all either great or fall totally flat.  This one does it for me.  Maybe it’s my affinity for a lineup featuring Landry/Todd, Jon Hamm, that predatorial lesbian from American Pie, and the most perfect woman in the world.  Maybe it’s the fact that any current project with the King Beibs cosign is a guaranteed heater.  Whatever the reason, I thought this video was pretty strong.

A few more thoughts:

  • Anyone else wish that Krasinski’s real personality wasn’t exactly Office Jim? It’s endearing but something about this let’s a little air out of my balloon.
  • Jon Hamm has really embraced that West Village jazz bar dwelling author vibe since leaving Madison Ave, huh?
  • Ditto for Landry.  Jesse Plemmons is aware that it’s too soon for a Philip Seymour Hoffman biopic, right? 
  • Fairly mediocre British impression by my man Thomas Middleditch. Still, who’s ready for Silicon Valley Season 3?????
  •  beckinsale kate
  • Nick Jonas might as well just go full hollywood actor at this point. I know, I know, he’s Pop’s new King of the Twinks, but my man is smoking hot and his MMA show, Kindom, is quality, too. Nick’s on a little thing called a hot streak and he owes it all to whoever convinced him to ditch his born-again virg brothers.
  • How bad was John Legend that he can’t even sneak one line into the final cut?


h/t Vanity Fair





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