Kanye West Created A Video Game To Make Sure That His Mother Went To Heaven


Add “video game producer” to the list of job titles that distract Kanye West from what he’s actually best at – making incredible music. During Thursday’s album release party at Madison Square Garden, Kanye unveiled a surprise preview of his upcoming video game, “Only One.”  The game is based on Yeezy’s 2014 single by the same name and revolves around “the idea… of my mom traveling through the gates of heaven.”

Forgetting that the plot of “Only One” sounds absolutely horrible – more power to Ye for honoring his mother, but, what kind of dipshit would spend valuable time on the sticks guiding dead Donda West to the Promise Land? – the teaser looks trash, too.  Evidently, Kanye’s lead programmer is a 17-year old Japanese Halo enthusiast with a Dragon Ball Z bed set.

This is a perfect example of why Kanye West is so infuriating. Please, Ye, for once in this decade, just focus on making good music.  Focus on making another GREAT album, establishing G.O.O.D. as a powerhouse record label, and taking the title of (second) greatest hip hop producer ever.  The post-Dilla title belt is there if West wants it, but his schizophrenic “worldly” interests suggest otherwise.  Enough with this embarrassing, lame desire to infiltrate the high end fashion world. These fashion idiots are wack and want nothing to do with you – call it even and cut the cord.  Enough with the ridiculous video games about your goddamn mother (r.i.p.) flying through the clouds like Loki and Bartleby. Enough with the advertisements masked as insane Twitter rants.  Please, Ye, get back in the lab like you know you should. Kanye could be a legendary hip hop icon when all is said and done but he can’t quit acting like a pompous, confused dickhead. Even so, he’ll still go down as a legend in the game because his immense musical talent overshadows all of the extracurriculars.

I know that there are several tracks yet to be added to TLOP, but, I’m giving the early leaked rip a tentative 6.6/10.  An average album.  It honestly feels like a project that was cut up last minute and rushed to beat a deadline. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some really interesting, incredible construction on the album.  It seems like Kanye’s natural, megalomaniacal, natural progression since Yeezus combined with an honest effort to put on some talented young rappers and give the early Kanye purists something to sink their teeth into. Only problem is it doesn’t quite connect.  The album feels like all the surrounding hoopla and promo the last few weeks was because Ye totally scrapped and hurriedly redid the records.  The sound quality will obviously be much better when I’m not consuming an illegally recorded release party stream, but, right now, the album is below the standard that Kanye set for himself in February 2004.  And ’05.  And ’07.  And 2010.

Disclaimer: “No More Parties In L.A.” and “Wolves” with Vic Mensa and Frank Ocean are fantastic. No More Parties gets better every time. “Ultra Light Beams” with Chance and Mary J is really cool, too. Also, I haven’t heard “Fade” featuring Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign, “Silver Surfer,” “30 Hours,” or “Facts.”  I’m due for a hundred more listens this week and my hopes are still very high.


h/t Wired




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