Metta World Peace Is Obsessed With Tim Tebow, Had Never Seen Cam Newton Play Before Super Bowl 50


metta world peace

Every sports fan’s favorite Queensbridge native hopped on The Michael Kay Show this afternoon to discuss Kobe’s swansong, Matt Barnes v. Derek Fisher, the state of the New York Knicks, Cam Newton, and his beloved New York Jets.  The Johnny formerly known as Ron was his entertainingly erratic self, bouncing from his relationship with Fisher and Barnes to potential Knicks head coaching prospects to analysis of the NYK roster and efficiency of the triangle offense.

The two best moments of this hit come when Metta weighs in with some thoughts on the NFL.  The proud New Yorker is a huge Jets fan, but, admittedly, does not follow the league outside of Gang Green.  Starting around 4:40, Peter Rosenberg asks Metta to share his thoughts on Cam Newton’s post-Super Bowl behavior.  World Peace shares that he had somehow never seen Cam play prior to Super Bowl 50, but, that didn’t stop him from offering advice on an issue which he was clearly unaware.  I’m pretty sure Metta didn’t stay up to watch Newton’s post-game presser.

Then, around 10:25, World Peace goes on an amazing rant professing his love for Tim Tebow.  Somehow, some way, Ron Artest is obsessed with Tebow.  “Never met him, never even heard his voice,” but he still wants Tebow to quarterback the New York Jets.  I’d give anything to watch a Metta/Tebow reality show where the duo visits each others hometowns, trains amateur athletes and gives motivational speeches.  Just picture Tebow getting dragged through the Queensbridge projects; Metta whooping it up at a Jacksonville Waffle House; Tebow giving motivational speeches to inmates while Metta interrupts to tell them how he threw games at St. John’s and smuggled booze into NBA locker rooms. Gold, Jerry, gold!


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