Now That David Blatt Has Been Fired, How Long Until LeBron Trades Kevin Love?

Here at Elbow Deep, we (me) are not in the business (money? HA) of breaking news. At this point everyone knows that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers fired head coach David Blatt.  If this is breaking news to you, thank you for making ED your homepage but you are absolutely fucking horrible at this thing called The Internet. But I digress.

The move to fire Blatt has Bron Bron’s fingerprints all over it.  That blob Windhorst can say whatever he wants about LeBron not being consulted on the move, but that’s absolute trash.

I don’t know if Windhorst has bad sources or he’s covering for an organization that has given him a career, but that’s a certain lie. David Griffin and the Cavs don’t make a single move without consulting LeBron, and that’s the way it should be. Bron’s the most powerful player in the Association and the most influential sports figure in the world. He doesn’t learn about any of his business ventures like an average player would. His cosign is required for Nike to change the gelatin makeup on the sole of a shoe, it’s definitely required to replace his head coach.  Plus, this move is perfect for LeBron.  He wanted Tyron Lue from the jump and never gave Blatt a public vote of approval. He showed Blatt up constantly last season. Whether he was pushing him away from referees or coaching the team during huddles or “emasculating his coach” during the playoffs, LeBron did not hide his lack of respect for David Blatt. Anyone close observer could tell Blatt wouldn’t last long in Cleveland.



But at 30-11 in a week Eastern Conference, I figured Blatt would at least finish the season and get another shot in the Finals.

With that being said, this was the right move. Even with that 30-11 record, the Cavs don’t seem to be clicking. They look miserable and stale during blowout victories and have been embarrassed by the best of the West.  LeBron is the greatest player in the world and David Blatt is David Blatt. Whether he has the ability to coach or not, it wasn’t working. His roster stopped listening to him and – perhaps most objectionable – Blatt’s system turned Kevin Love into a 15 and 8 player. That is disgusting. So, understandably, Blatt’s the odd man out.  This was a necessary shakeup. Now the Cavs hope that Lue can inspire a roster of friends and allies. It’s a good gamble, given the circumstances.

The main question now is what happens to Kevin Love?  I think he’s as good as gone.  The Cavs have no cap space, so moving him for a couple players/picks would help long-term, but it could also further solve Cleveland’s apparent chemistry issues. Kevin Love does not fit in with the core unit of this team.  That is a fact.  LeBron has a history of publicly showing up guys that he doesn’t get along with.  Love clearly is not boys with LeBron and the Instagram gang. He even went as far as to make his own joke about this on Instagram but he still hasn’t been embraced.

We do this.. Nothing new #SomethingSimple Haha!!!!

A post shared by @ kevinlove on

As great as Bron Bron is, he also seems incredibly petty.  Plus, he flat out lied to Love about becoming the centerpiece of Cleveland’s offense if he re-signed with the Cavs. Love’s numbers are terrible, for his standards, and now he’s even taking subtle shots at Bron in post-game interviews.

It will be evident soon if Lue, the players coach, can connect to the whole squad or just Bron, Kyrie, Tristan, and Co. Maybe he changes the system and frees up a Kevin Love rebirth, but if not I think we see Love shipped at the All-Star break. Time for Mitch Kupchak to reunite the UCLA Bruins. K-Love and Russell Westbrook would look damn good in purple and gold.


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