Mike Trout Stayed Up All Night Tracking Winter Storm Jonas, Is a MASSIVE Weather Geek

Look at Mike Trout, the pride of Millville, NJ. He’s a regular Renaissance Man! I did not wake up today expecting to learn that, in addition to being the best baseballer breathing, Mike Trout is an obsessive weather nerd and aspiring meteorologist but them’s the breaks.

ESPN – The massive snowstorm blanketing the East Coast has snarled traffic plans and forced millions of Americans indoors this weekend, but at least one person is loving it: Mike Trout, who said he was “up all night” monitoring the storm.

The Angels’ star outfielder appeared Saturday on The Weather Channel to deliver a report on conditions in his hometown of Millville, New Jersey.

“It’s been crazy, for sure. Obviously, up all night, up every hour, checking the measurements. We probably got about a foot and it’s coming down steady right now,” Trout said. “It’s blowing hard. There’s probably — by my parents’ house — 4-, 5-, 6-foot drifts. The roads are terrible. You know, it’s just — it’s awesome. I love it.

“We’re gonna go out and play in it soon,” Trout said. “I love it. I love the weather. This is awesome.”

Trout’s love of the weather goes beyond one winter megastorm. In an interview with Yahoo! Sports last summer, Trout said if he wasn’t playing baseball he’d be in the northeast monitoring snowstorms and working as a local weather person on TV.

“I would love to try it,” Trout said in that interview. Trout said he has a folder of weather apps on his phone that feature different models and forecasts, and he frequently exchanges direct messages on Twitter with Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore.

Some people are lovers of music, art, or television. Some people are movie buffs. Not Mike Trout. Mike’s true calling in life is snow storms. Born to chase blizzards and report on the pow. And to slide up in Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore’s DMs.

In all seriousness, it’s pretty cool to see how much Trout loves the weather. Not many people are as passionate about anything as Mike Trout is about the weather. Myself, I’ve definitely never been as excited to talk with someone as Cantore was with Trout. But please, save that BS about flying with the Blue Angels, Jim, this is clearly the best moment of your life.

Always interesting to get a glimpse at the off-field passions and interests of our favorite athletes. Trout seems like a really genuine guy.


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