Vintage Kanye is the Best Kanye


Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Kanye West’s College Dropout is on the list of all-time classic rap albums.  Dropout was Kanye’s coming out party, a public service announcement that he was about to make the world his bitch. CD is one of the most honest, raw, unfiltered albums that I’ve ever heard, both lyrically and musically. Kanye has spent most of the last decade creating new styles and sounds and testing his own limits, but I’ll always have a soft spot for that vintage “Old Kanye” sound.  It’s hard to describe but impossible to miss when it blesses the eardrums.

“No More Parties In L.A.” is a trip back to that sound.  It’s a home run – an absolute moon shot, IMO – and, judging by the early Internet response, most fans and critics agree. What I love about Kanye is that it’s easy to tell when he really worked on a project. It’s also super frustrating when he doesn’t. He’s talented enough to make anything entertaining and passable, but there’s a big difference between this release and “Birthday Song” with 2 Chainz. When he loops in references from early projects and invokes reoccurring themes, you know there’s some purpose behind it.

In this one, Yeezy references Dropout‘s “Breathe In Breath Out” with “a backpack n***a with luxury taste buds.” He paints vivid imagery about his assistant crashing his Maybach, texting and driving, and claims that “any rumor you heard about me was true and legendary.” He recognizes doubts that he would never “rap like this again,” and thanks E! for his “whole family getting money.” It’s frantic and calming and feels like a breath of fresh air after a pretty “blah” 2015.  Plus, According to Complex, Madlib’s beat for “No More Parties” can be traced back to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy studio sessions. That’s a rap nerd’s dream right there.

As expected, Kdot kills his verse, too. That man’s on another level these days. Hopefully this was the first of many collabs between these two.  Maybe even a Kendrick appearance on Swish? Cross ya fingers.

PS – Yeezy’s really pissed about his cousin stealing that laptop, huh? Mentioned on back-to-back songs. Dude’s probably laying in a Stony Island gutter on somewhere.



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