Dame D.O.L.L.A aka Damian Lillard Drops Music Video For ‘Bigger Than Us’ On MLK Day


Not sure many casual fans know about Lillard’s side gig as a rapper, but, the Bay Area native’s got some skills. Not saying he should quit his day job (understatement of the year, Dame’s one of the most entertaining young guards in the league) but he’s definitely not a bad listen.


Kudos to him for putting his visibility to good use, too. Lillard debuted the “Bigger Than Us” music video on NBA on TNT for MLK Day in an effort to encourage positivity, unity, and empathy.  I love bake sales and cutting it as much as the next guy but artists like Lillard serve as a welcome reminder that thoughtful music still exists in a genre that rarely rewards that niche with radio play.

And just in case you hate love and human decency, here’s some highlights of Dame doing what Dame does best.  Second coming of Mighty Mouse in Portland, IMO.