The Deontay Wilder Takeover Begins Saturday Night at Barclays Center


It’s finally be time for American boxing fans to get psyched about a Heavyweight. Deontay Wilder (35-0) has the goods to be the first heavyweight superstar since Lennox Lewis, and he vows to make 2016 the year he becomes the first undisputed heavyweight champ since Lewis unified the bets in 1999. Like Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield before him, Lewis’ well ran dry by 2003, leaving casual fans with little reason to watch follow the division. Wilder could finally provide the intrigue needed to get those fans back.

This dude is gifted in the art of talking straight hot shit, just spitting verbal slugs and promoting better than any American heavyweight in years. A few of his rants in the video about are in line with the Mayweathers and McGregors of the world. And his fightgame backs it up. Wilder is a pure punisher. 6’7, 220lbs of long, lean limbs packing the most violent haymakers seen in the division for a long, long time. His technique is not as pretty as some smaller fighters, but I’ll happily sacrifice impeccable footwork for an onslaught of ring-rattling bombs.

His visit (above) with Ebro and Rosenberg on Hot97 is one of the best, current fight interviews I’ve heard. Deontay cuts loose, riffing on his intentions to “catch a case Saturday night,” his feelings on Wladimir Klitchsko, why he loves to inflict pain, and his call-out of Tyson Fury for a title unification bout later this year.

The boxing world already knows but it’s time for sports fans to take notice, too – Deontay Wilder is a problem.  I’ll be at Barclays to watch the massacre in person Saturday night. If you can’t make it, peep the highlights below and catch the fight on Showtime.  2016, year of the Deontay Wilder.  Can’t wait for Wilder-Fury this fall.



PS – First heavyweight title fight in Brooklyn in 115 years. A little history never hurts.


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