Iona and Monmouth Basketball Teams Throw Them Postgame Hands


Grade: C

Good basketball brawls are tough to come by, but there’s usually at least some action when one breaks out.  The highlight of this one, around the 0:50 mark, is a pretty serious bitch slap landed by Iona’s Jordan Washington on Monmouth’s Chris Brady.

A flush jab would’ve boosted this to a solid B+ but Washington decided to be a chump instead. Having been on the wrong end of a bitch slap during a brawl, while being restrained, I can say that it’s one of the most infuriating, emasculating things that can happen to a man. Gimme a fist to the jaw and day of the week over a slap. Big-time punk move.

Safe to say that Monmouth is ruffling some feathers in the MAAC. 13-4 with wins over UCLA, Notre Dame, and Georgetown and a bench mob making national headlines will do that, though.  Should be a doozy when these two see each other again in February.

PS – AJ English from Iona is the truth. 43 in the losing effort. 2016 NBA first-rounder, mark it down.


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