Killer The K9 Hunts Rhino Poachers Like It’s Nobody’s Business

killer k9

BBC – K9 Killer’s tracking skills have led to the arrest of 115 poachers in Kruger National Park over the last four yearsHis contribution to saving the rhino population was “truly remarkable”, said UK vet charity PDSA, which awarded the gold medal for animal heroes. The winner was announced by British comedian Ricky Gervais.

There are fears that rhinos, hunted for their lucrative horns, could be extinct within 10 years.  Killer and his handler, Amos Mzimba, are flown by helicopter to track and apprehend armed poachers when sighted or when a dead rhino is discovered.

“It is an honour to have Killer by my side. It means a lot that he has been recognised for his skills,” said Mr Mzimba, who added that the brave dog once saved him when a poacher was shooting at him.

killer k9 2

Few men or beasts deserve a round of applause more than our boy Killer the K9 here. What a magnificant, beautiful pooch. Absolutely majestic. Killer’s clearly a badass yet still cute AF. So proud of his little gold medal; so happy. That’s what’s great about good service dogs. You’d never know that Killer just spent the last four years getting helied around South Africa like Rambo, hunting down 115 poachers, ripping out their throats and burying their entrails in the desert. Digs his own holes, too.

Poachers are the vermin scum of the earth. Good on Killer and good for rhinoceroses everywhere. Hopefully Killer spends his weekends impregnating every bitch in sight. Need a pack of Killers hunting poachers across the globe. Gotta have it.

PS – This has the all the makings of the next great dog movie. Killer and Amos save their African jungle pals. Think Lassie meets Call of the Wild meets Blood Diamond. I’m sure whichever Hollywood derp green-lighted Max could use a mulligan.

PPS – Ricky Gervais stays gripping those award show checks, huh?


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