Chris Webber Told An Awesome Story About His Dad, Magic Johnson, and His First NBA Purchase on Mike & Mike This Morning

Didn’t expect C-Webb to get me all misty on the drive to work this morning but that’s exactly what happened.  I guess you just never know when some radio guest is gonna hop on and make you feel incredibly inadequate and want to call your papa.

I’m a big C-Webb fan. Loved the Fab Five and was obsessed with his and White  Chocolate’s Kings team (damn sure wasn’t watching Tim Floyd’s Bulls). Webber does a good job on the TNT calls and is always an insightful, genuine guest on radio.  This story about his first purchase after being drafted #1 overall is awesome. No other word for it.  At one point or another, every little kid dreams about being a superstar athlete. Very few actually fulfill this dream. And you know who usually wants it even more than the kid? Dad. Family members of stars are just background puzzle pieces, but they often work just as hard and do everything in their power to help their kid accomplish his goals. So many parents from humble means work two or even three jobs to pay for AAU programs and training lessons and then get home at night and rebound with the spotlight on or fire up the pitching machine.  That’s exactly what my father did and he was proud as hell that I even played college ball. He was probably a tiny bit disappointed when I discovered pot, got suspended, and had an 8.00 ERA, but that’s talk for another time.

So, could you imagine being the #1 pick in something and paying your pops back with a brand new ride – a Caddy from the plant that he worked in his whole life but could never afford – in front of the whole neighborhood.  Dad Pride through the goddamn roof.  Add in the bit about Mr. Webber cutting the grass in the middle of the night so the pad would look nice for Magic’s visit and you’ve got one helluva first pro purchase story. So, so cool. Maybe one day this blogging thing will work out and I can buy my dad a bicycle.

Obligatory C-Webb/Williams Kings highlights:



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