Lamar Odom Will Not Be Charged For Cocaine Possession After The Moonlite Bunny Ranch Incident

TMZ – Lamar Odom will not be charged for being under the influence of cocaine in the Love Ranch near-fatal OD, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources say the Nye County D.A. has decided not to file any charges against Lamar.  Lamar OD’d October 13th and has been in hospitals up until last week, when he entered a rehab facility for serious medical issues.


Quick shout-out to my man Lamar skating on drug possession charges from his October overdose at the famed Bunny Ranch. I was randomly awake at like 3AM that night and blogged it right away because Odom is one of my all-time favorite hoopers.  A seemingly genuine, good guy with all the skills in the world but even more demons. Here’s hoping his rehab stay takes hold and keeps him out of further trouble.

And an even bigger shout-out to the Nye County DA.  I literally just wrote about how citizens should not talk to police and it’s too risky to trust law enforcement without a lawyer present, but here’s a case of the law doing the right thing.  Sure, it seems like a fairly simple rule of thumb that if you snort and smoke yourself into a month long coma that is punishment enough, but, until today, this decision was up in the air.  The DA was within its right to charge Odom and add to his heaping pile of personal issues.  Nice to see the law act with some compassion.  I guess if you’re a famous drug addict who nearly offs himself in a house full of D-list pros, you can go ahead and talk to the cops. But the rest of us? Index finger up like Shhhhhhhhh.


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