Is This The Perfect Making A Murderer Joke?


Yes, yes it is.

As incredible as the series was, Making A Murderer was really just disheartening and sad. The comprehensive lesson is basically don’t talk to police. Straight up. The only words anyone should speak when alone with police is “I need my lawyer.”  Too many things can go wrong. Too many cops are average dummies like you and me. They’re trained to uncover a confession rather than the truth.  No matter how innocent you know yourself to be, talking to the police ain’t worth the risk. Granted, most of us aren’t inbred hillbillies from Oshkoshbagosh, Wisconsin, but even a bogus arrest can be incredibly damning. Not to mention time consuming.

At least now us Netflix-binging honkies know what our shadowy pigmented pals figured out many moons ago. Cooperate fully once your fat Italian college buddy (read: attorney) is present.


PS – The season dragged about two episodes too long, but I guess if I spent a decade documenting anything in the world – especially a case as insane as the Avery case – I’d want at least ten episodes, too.

h/t B-Hooks





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