Roy Jones Jr Got Dropped Like a Sack of Bricks

Not two months after becoming an official Russian citizen, Roy Jones Jr kissed the canvas after a flurry of uppercuts and a vicious overhand right from Enzo Maccarinelli (47-7, 33 KOs).  The 1990s “Fighter of the Decade” got dropped in the fourth, beat the count, and was then brutalized for another ten seconds before being KO’d by the former WBO cruiserweight champion from Wales.

Jones (62-9, 45 KOs) is now 13-8 since his loss by knockout to Antonio Tarver in 2004. Before the Tarver fight, he was 49-1 and one of boxing’s brightest stars. Most of Roy’s recent wins have been against shot club brawlers and has-been bums. He’s so far removed from his heyday as a middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight champ that it’s no longer funny. At all.

At least when the American Afro-Russian boxer/trainer/commentator/rapper/actor (best description ever, Wikipedia) can no longer speak, we’ll have his music. Cue the muhfuggin highlights.


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