Utah’s Aussie Punter Gave Punting The Best Endorsment That You’ll Ever Hear

tom hackett

The Home Depot College Football Awards took place Thursday night. Derrick Henry won the Doak Walker and the Maxwell Award.  Deshaun Watson took home the Davey O’Brien award for the nation’s top QB.  But the real star was Utah’s punter Tom Hackett.

Hackett, an Australian native, won the award given to college football’s best punter. In a celebratory interview with Chris Fowler, Hackett gave an unprompted, honest reason for why he chose American football over Aussie Rules.

Fowler: Guys who played Aussie rules football, or footie as you call it, don’t just stand and kick. You have to run around and be an athlete.
Hackett: Alright, so the main reason I’m playing this sport is because deep down I’m fat and I don’t like running very far. So I’m running 21 yards on and 21 yards off, and that’s about all I got for you.

You can check out the video here.

Nothing but respect for a big man who tells it like it is. Any position that allows fat guys to get rich and famous (err, punter famous) while not having to run is ideal. Screw concussions, some CTE is worth it for the punter life.

PS – top 5 lazy guy positions in sports:

  1. Designated Hitter
  2. Backup Quarterback
  3. Punter
  4. Long-snapper
  5. Baseball Set-Up Man





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