Aneheim’s Kevin Bieska Does His Best Ronda Rousey, Gets Tooth Knocked Out By Mike Fisher

We’ve got a loose chicklet, folks!  Make way for the maxillary lateral incisor dangling from a thread of Kevin Bieska’s gums like a gigantic hangnail.

The pussified terrestrials among us might consider this disgusting and barbaric, but having your face bashed in by Carrie Underwood’s baby’s dad is just another day in the life for hockey hardos like Bieska. These guys are a different breed.

Fans of hockey, fighting, and fighting in hockey rekognize that Fisher v. Bieska had it all. Flush connections, minimal dancing, and juuust the right amount of gore where you can watch the replay on loop while not feeling bad for the millionaires beating each other senseless in a sport in which it is not required.  Plus, Mike Fisher was the underdog. He went toe-to-toe with a known “brawler” and knocked the guy’s tooth out of his head. That’s gotta be worth some sort of gift from Mrs. Underwood.


Timely Ronda Rousey impression, too. Who said The Hockey Goon was outdated?


PS – Anyone know if Bieska had to hide his face on the way back to Aneheim?


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