Remember this fella, Derrick Jones?  Jones exploded on social media last summer courtesy of his insane, 99-rating video game bunnies.  Dude was dropping videos in May of casual WINDMILL DUNKS FROM THE FREE THROW LINE.

Jumping over THREE teammates at Rebel Madness just a few weeks ago

Derrick Jones is out there single-handily making the Runnin’ Rebels appointment viewing in the desert.  Safe to say the kid has potential to set the Vegas college hoops scene on fire for the first time since the days of Tark.

But couldn’t DJ have eased into things a little bit? Did he really have to stomp on New Mexico Highland U’s throat and eat their guts?  I mean, look at the damn score. Up 56 with a quarter of game time left and you hit ’em with the the tomahawk from the elbow? Those commuter students didn’t deserve this.


Now that I think of it, though, that’s a character building whooping.  If UNLV was a mother, it would have just taught the Highland Cowboys to never call their first grade teacher a “dirty old bitch” again.  Then again, if the UNLV hoops team was a mother it would definitely spend more nights performing Outcalls than reading bedtime stories.  Poor little neglected NMHU. No wonder they act up. Watch out for the Cowboys in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference this year, I have a feeling that they’re a resilient bunch.

And, of course, get ready to see a lot more of Derrick Jones this season.



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