Two of Fudge’s favorites – Asher Roth and Big Krit – got in the mix Wednesday with new releases.

Asher launched his inaugural installment of Hash Wednesdays, a new series planned to serve as an outlet for unfinished music that Roth may or may not release as finished product in the future.   That’s All Mine features Jesse Boykin III crooning an opening chorus as Asher proceeds to do Asher things aka shred the jazzy beat with impeccable imagery and wordplay.

Another killer lyricist and one of rap’s true OGs, the true King of the South, Big Krit continues his month-long onslaught (following the October release of It’s Better This Way and “Guillotine Flow“) with a touched up revamp of “Riding Dirty.”  The original version came out on 2014’s See Me On Top Vol. 4which served as a warm-up for Krit’s incredible second studio album Cadillactica.

The reworked “Riding Dirty” features Chattanooga-based rapper TUT and benefits from much sharper production courtesy of Myke Murda. The difference between the too instrumentals is immediately clear. Lyrically, TUT and Big Krit make for a heady duo, each complimenting the other’s intricate flow and southern grit while reminding listeners that famous or not, they run the game.

If you’re still not familiar with Big Krit, do yourself a favor and deep-dive through his discography. Start here, then here. Start anywhere, really, just make sure you have a head with two earholes.

Sometimes it takes writing a blog for me to even remember how dope this dude is. The production on Krit’s albums are on point and his real life tales of struggle, strife, persistence, and trappin’ go toe-to-toe with the all-time greats.  Plus, any rapper who rolls with Bun B and Jeezy is A1 in my book.


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