He’s No Dan Henderson, But This Country Bumpkin Throws a Mammoth Right Hook

country fight


Pardon me, foolish skinnyman in the cutoff tee, do you even watch Seinfeld, bro? One of the many lessons Jerry has taught me is this: if built like an anorexic 14-year old girl, wearing cowboy boots, and facing imminent danger, just run.

Unfortunately, our man here seems like the type to rock cowboy boots – unironically – on the regular. There’s a strong chance he has no clue what “ironic” even means, but he damn sure should know not to pick fights in those beauties. One must assume he’s not familiar with “traction.” Cowboy dug his own grave when he got dressed in the morning and he didn’t even know it. His poor mother.

I’ve seen some Dan Henderson comparisons being thrown around regarding the video’s champion, and while that’s a tad overzealous there’s no denying that buddy with the tree trunks for legs can throw a fucking HAMMER right.  He might require a weight cut, but who knows, maybe one day this young man will fight himself out of whatever Bible Belt dump of a town this took place in.  If not, he’ll make one helluva bouncer.

Dan Henderson, you say?


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