Pete Rose Continues His Run As The Most Electric, Borderline-Racist Analyst In Sports Programming

rose pete

I wish I had this video because it was a fantastically awkward moment on the midnight edition of Fox Sports Live.

Scene: After the Royals 7-1 Game 2 World Series victory, the Fox postgame crew was discussing Johnny Cueto’s dominant complete game.

Kevin Burkhardt: “You love Johnny Cueto, the former Cincinnati Red, don’t you Pete?”

Pete Rose: “Oh yeah, I watched him for years, he’s a great guy, and we want him back.”

KB: “You love him like a stepson.”

Rose: “Not like a stepson, my stepson can speak English.”

KBemoji embarrassed

A-Rodemoji eyes

Raul Ibanezangry emoji

Frank Thomascry laugh emoji

For a second I thought Raul was going to storm off the set.  Seriously, be softer Raul.  What, you spent 18 years in major league clubhouses and never heard an immigrant joke? Welcome to Earth!

Big Hurt could hardly keep himself together.  The guy was bursting at the seems. Once Frank found some composure, it was pure silence. Five seconds of awkward, glorious silence until KB threw it back to the studio.

This is Pete Rose, folks.  In a single breath he offends one person to the point of physical disgust while leaving another man in stitches and the rest of the room speechless. He can turn a 3-minute spot into must-watch TV and then burn the same studio to the ground

The man has a gift that can’t be taught. Pete Rose is au naturel.

Rose is so crazy you just have to give him a free pass at this point. If political correctness is its goal, a network would not feature Pete Rose. PC sensibilities are out the window in the current sports media battlefield. Fox Sports knew exactly what it would with Pete on air: half-drunk ramblings about concussion protocol turning players into self-absorbed pussies, gambling references, and tons of pretty preeetttttyyy racist remarks.

But, again, he’s Pete Rose. What do you expect?


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