Bill Cosby Appearing Extra Rapey in This 2003 Interview with Sofia Vergara

The scene:  Bill Cosby is filling in as host of “The Late Show” as David Letterman deals with a health issue.  Sofia Vergara is a largely unknown model/actress an guest on the show promoting an upcoming independent film.

Not a good look for ol’ Billy Boy.

If you’re going to be the guy dropping roofies and sleeping pills in women’s drinks (allegedly), if you’re two years away from admitting in a 2005 deposition to drugging women for sex, you might not want to give every late-night cable viewer the impression that you’re the guy dropping roofies in women’s drinks.

Bill Cosby is scum.  This video is not surprising.  If you still doubt Cosby’s alleged crimes, you are a fool.  This video is one of the first I’ve seen that provides a more personal perspective. We see exactly who Bill Cosby was before his secret was out.

We all know the guy in that video. He’s the slimy uncle that you’re alcoholic aunt remarried.  He’s the 60-year old lush who hangs out at the underage bar telling creepy joke and trying to get handsy with 18-year old girls.  He’s the guy who makes everybody’s skin crawl, and he’s so so far from the Dr. Cliff Huxstable that we all knew and loved.


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