Action Bronson Rushed To The Hospital In Alaska During Filming Of ‘Fuck That’s Delicious’

Fear not, Queens-bred Albanians and stoned, fine dining inclined hip-hop heads.  Your King shall persevere.

Yesterday, Bam Bam posted on Instagram that he had been rushed to a hospital in Alaska for emergency surgery.  Bronson is currently visiting The Last Frontier for filming of his Vice video series, “Fuck That’s Delicious.”

Understandably, some followers and media members jumped at the opportunity to blame this scare on Action’s diet. Specifically, TMZ reported that this was the result of a binge on Alaskan Whale Blubber.

Not so fast, my friends!  Turns out it was a lingering injury Bronson got while horsing around TEN PLATES back in 2010.  Okay, Action.

I believe him, yo!  Bronsolino could afford to lose a few hundred pounds, but his health problems shouldn’t be blamed on the cuisine highlighted on FTD.  The man has a human heart and the body of a Grizzly bear; he eats through house and home, no matter his destination.  A sliver of Eskimo-caught Beluga blubber or med-rare Caribou meat should not become scapegoat for an inevitable half-week hospital stay.

Caribou Stew. #fuckthatsdelicious

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“Fuck That’s Delicious” is a fantastic show – as are most programs on Vice’s Munchies station – highlighting cuisines and cultures across the globe mixed with Bronson’s unique perspective and hip-hop background.  Along with “No Reservations,” “Bizarre Foods,” and “Huang’s World,” FTD is appointment television for any young foodie.

At it’s core,  though, this blog was really just an excuse to listen to Bronson. Guy is a legend.


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