True Detective Season Three Filming Underway in Atlanta

Quick: name the rich, famous, influential American sitting court side in Atlanta.

If you said 19-year NBA veteran, 7-time All Star, and new Atlanta Hawks co-owner Grant Hill you would be sorely mistaken, according to FOX Sports Southeast.

Unreal.  The team’s new owner is mixing it up with fans court side and the only love he gets on local cable is as the anonymous man sitting next to Rich Homie Quan? I know Quan said “they sleepin’ on homie, they Tempur-Pedic,” but don’t you dare sleep on Grant. The man could still go out and play for the Hawks.

That vest is soooo Dukie Blue Devil, by the way.  Quick tip, Grant: former All-Stars turned leaders of billion-dollar ownership groups DO NOT shop the latest WalMart “Classic Fall” attire. Got to be better.

I guess it really is all about Quan, though.  Doesn’t matter that half of what he says is nonsensical gibberish, RHG can not stop pumping out heaters. The man continues his ascent towards the Pop-Rap club muzik summit.

PS – What the hell did these two talk about?  Did they speak or did RHG ignore who he assumed was just some middle-aged Atlanta accountant?

PPS – Black guys rarely appear as awkward as, say, guys like me, but Homie Quan most definitely has Grant Hill feeling some uncomfortable type of way.


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