Tech N9ne and the Strange Music Crew Sitting Behind Home Plate at Kauffman Stadium

20151027_233649Tech N9ne showed up in the front row to support his hometown Royals for Game 1 of the World Series. Of equal importance, there is no sign of Marlins Man.  I have to assume that the absence of Orange Douche is somehow thanks to Tech, Krizz Kaliko, and Travis O’Guinn, the three head honchos of the Kansas City based Strange Music collective. The less Marlins Man and more Tech N9ne the better, IMO.

You gotta respect a man who stays as true to his roots as Tech N9ne.  Detroit’s got Slim Shady, Mississippi has Big Krit, West Virginia has Kevin Pittsnoggle, and Kansas City’s got Aaron Dontez Yates. Wouldn’t have pegged Tech for a baseball fan but you better believe I value our new found kinship.  The game don’t discriminate.

Down 1 in the bottom of the 9th with Familia on the bump, was there ever any doubt that the Royals were coming back?  Of course there was but that was before we knew that Tech stared straight into Jeurys Familia’s soul, ripped out his heart, and shook him to his very core. How else do you explain Familia allowing his first run of the postseason? Jeurys is probably curled up in the fetal position in the locker room shower questioning his purpose in life.  Should just be glad that he made it out of the building breathing.

Seriously though, don’t you dare strike out Alex Gordon

20151027_233649 (1)

Now if somebody could just end this fucking game I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Eric

PS – no, I’m not being racist. Tech N9ne confirmed his whereabouts on Twitter



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