Edison Volquez’s Father Died Hours Before Game 1 of The World Series, Volquez Proceeds To BATTLE Through Six Innings

Quick shout out to Edison Volquez, who is handling one of the most difficult days of his life with pure class.  As you can see from the tweets above, Edison’s father passed away mere hours before his scheduled start tonight against the Mets in Game 1 of the World Series.  Volquez heard of his father’s fate while driving to the ballpark.  A lot of people on this planet wouldn’t even make it to the park after such receiving such devastating news.  Volquez went out and willed himself through the biggest start of his life.

Having not seen much of the Royals this season, I was impressed by Volquez’s sharpness through the first three innings.  He was lights out.  That was before I knew that Daniel Volquez passed away just a few hours ago.  The outing that Edison put together tonight is amplified a hundredfold when you consider the emotional and mental anguish that Volquez was forced to suppress.  The pitcher’s mound is a lonely place and succeeding out on that island is hard enough when you have a clear head.  Tonight’s showing by Volquez just how tough a competitor he truly is.

Volquez didn’t blow the Mets away. Shit, he won’t even get the win tonight. He made it through six innings and left with the game tied 3-3.  But his accuracy was pinpoint and the change-up was money-in-the-bank.  Volquez mowed down the first six Mets that he faced, a feat one has to assume was charged by pure adrenaline.  After that, he simply did everything needed to give his team a chance to win. He willed himself through one of the worst days of his life and battled for his teammates. Win or lose tonight, Edison Volquez should be extremely proud – Daniel Volquez most definitely is.

UPDATE: Fox Sports reporting that it is unknown if Volquez knew about his father’s passing prior to making the start.  FOX did not mention it on air until the 8th inning, after it was confirmed that Volquez wife was with him in the clubhouse and the news was shared.

Kinda ruins the whole vibe of this blog, but whether he knew or not it was a gutty performance of which Volquez should be proud.


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