The New York Mets Are Headed To The World Series But Fred Wilpon Is Still The Worst Dressed Man On Planet Earth

Do you see Fred Wilpon’s shoes?  These ones right here


Disgusting move by Fred. So ridiculous that I almost have to respect it.

The man is a New York real estate mogul worth upwards of $500 million. He owns a professional sports team in the world’s largest market and is headed to the World Series for the first time in 15 years.  Nevertheless, when Fred Wilpon got dressed for the game this afternoon – knowing full well that he might be celebrating a franchise milestone on national television – what did he put on his feet?


Fucking Merrells.  Wilpon chose to wear Merrell hiking boot with a suit and tie. Shoes that are worn by troubled teens forced to attend wilderness boot camps and middle-aged lesbian women’s hockey coaches.  And Fred Wilpon, apparently.

For years, Met fans have been screaming, clamoring, BEGGING Wilpon to spend some money and get this team to the promise land and Fred just sat on his hands.  He vetoed big trades and free agency signings for fear of future buyer’s remorse.  Well, Met fans, you better hope this team wins the 2015 World Series.  Fred Wilpon wearing cheap hiking shoe-boots might not seem like a big deal but there’s no way the man in that picture is paying Cespedes and Murphy big bucks this off-season.  The man can’t even bring himself to spend $100 on dress shoes, how is he going to pay top dollar for a risky pair of athletes? Wilpon will let his big bats walk and will probably trade away two of the Mets young arms.  He’s a hoarder. Safety is his friend.

Lets just pray that between now and next week Fred doesn’t pawn Jacob deGrom off to Kansas City for a three-flat in Dyker Heights.




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