The Chicago Cubs Rip Out the St. Louis Cardinals Heart and Advance to the NLCS, as Told by Twitter

cubs it is happening

It really is happening

cubs W

This one started the exact opposite way every Cubs fan had hoped with Stephen Piscotty floating a lazy fly ball over the ivy wall. Even made some innocent Bleacher Bum lose his beer. Terrible all around etiquette by St. Louis.

Okay, confession time early: Jason Hammel is the only Cub that worries me in these playoffs. But as this team has done time and time again – just like with Arrieta last night – they battled and picked their man up.

Step 1 was Hammel himself smacking a 2-out RBI single off Lackey.

Then Javy Baez decided to introduce himself to the nation. The rook got the Yabofest started early this evening.

No bombs for Jorge today, but he did get to show of the cannon. You don’t run on Soler and live to talk about it, folks.

St. Louis put two more on the board in the top of the 6th. Butt cheeks all over Chicago were tighter than clinched.  But once again, those worries lasted about 10 minutes. Anthony Rizzo is quickly becoming the King of Chicago. This guy is an other-level talent and seems to put the team on his back whenever he’s needed most. We’re watching the coming out party of a perennial MVP candidate, folks. Rizzo and Toews, two future faces on Chicago’s Mt. Rushmore.

Rizzo’s go-ahead BOMB

Then we had a Fernando Rodney sighting in the 7th. Rodney looked good for a batter then let the potential tying run on base. Whatever, can’t let one little baserunner spoil the league’s best middle reliever exit celerbraysh. Arrow game en fuego.

Next we witnessed a Harry Carrey resurrection. Harry came down from Heaven to bless the crowd with a Seventh Inning Stretch for the ages. You don’t lose clinchers when Harry takes the time to put down his pint and come back to life. It’s that simple.

Next up, a little icing on the cake with another Schwarboooooooo moonshot.  This guy is looking to take down UFOs every time he walks to the plate, and he’s not far off.  Over the damn scoreboard! The rook put it on Sheffield Ave for god’s sake.

Well not quite onto Sheffield, but look where this freaking ball landed. Unbelievable shot.Screen-Shot-2015-10-14-at-10.51.41-AM

Btw, does Kyle resemble anyone we know?

Pedro Strop came up HUGE in the 8th. Just an absolutely filthy inning, probably his best stuff of the year.  Somebody go tell Bob Costas to kick rocks. Old pink-eye havin’ ass.

How does it feel, Pedro?

Then Schwarbers bomb finally landed. Nice of Kyle to give the Bay Area a taste of 2015 playoff baseball. What a guy.

As a Cubs fan, however, you can’t get too cocky. I’ll admit, I got nervous in the 9th. In the past, somebody always found a way to screw it up. This dude gets it, he’s seen some things:

But not this team. These guys are different. These Cubs are built for a run. The young bucks mashed the ball (again) and played lights out defense. The bullpen threw SIX innings of hard-nosed, two-run, playoff baseball and stepped on the Cardinals’ throat down the stretch. Rondon came on in the 9th and finished it off like we knew he would.

NLCS BABY, here we come!

Hopefully Dougie McBuckets learned a thing or two.

POTUS  was tuned in, too (save that White Sox mess tho, playa).

You can count on Wrigleyville to be LIT for the next two weeks.

Postgame champagne?  Just make sure there’s more for later.

In 2003, I was 14 and the Cubs broke my heart. My life didn’t turn out quite like Jorge’s but night’s like tonight make all Cubs fans feel like our dreams are coming true.



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