Johnny Manziel Can’t Stop His Former Teammate from Randomly Hacking a Jogger to Death, says NY Post

Just a slimy, grimy move here by the Post.  Look, I know it’s a struggle for clicks on these Internet streets.  I’m running a startup blog for fucks sake. SEO ain’t no joke (yes, I’m learning, see the title for Exhibit A).  But can’t you at least drop Johnny out of the headline? I think “Former Texas A&M Football Player Hacks Dallas Man to Death with Machete” would produce an admirable number of hits for your advertisers, as well.

Johnny can’t catch a break, man. First he tries to straighten out with a stint in rehab, then he loses his job to a 35-year old below-average journeyman who hates porn, and now he’s in national headlines because he was on the same college team with a murderous psychopath.

JFF is due.  Hopefully his moron coach, Mike Pettine, will realize that his only legitimate chance at job security is supporting Johnny and letting him ball. You’re a sitting duck, Mike, grow some balls and let the young QB go to work.

PS – Prayers to the family of that Dallas jogger. Nothing more disgusting than an unnecessary, violent loss of life.  Lock Thomas Johnson up and throw away the key.


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