The Cubs Turn Game 3 into a Crime Scene, Remind America Why Wrigley in October is the Best Place on Earth

What are the Cubs doing on this beautiful Monday night? Oh, not much, just setting MLB records mashing six home runs in a playoff game. Just an absolute blood bath on the North Side.  If I didn’t respect the Cardinals organization so much I would say this St. Louis team is completely over-matched.  I would say that their most talented players (sans the King of the Underachievers, Heyward) are past their primes and the young guys on the Card’s roster – the guys who usually play hero ball this time of year – are getting taken to school by an even younger, more exciting, much more talented group from Chicago.  But I’ll let the Cubs hit another 4 or 5 moonshots tomorrow before totally nailing the Cardinals coffin shut.

Wrigleyville tonight is quite literally the greatest place on Earth.  Electric atmosphere, beautiful crisp fall weather, tall beers, flannels, and a North Side crowd starved for playoff baseball getting treated to what is the first of many postseason games to come.  Get ready to watch this for the next, oh idk, the next 6-8 years.  We’re due, baby.  We’re due and #WeAreGOOD

PS – Even when our horsey, our stud – Jake Arrieta – doesn’t have his best stuff the Cubs had his back.  That’s incredibly encouraging. Especially against Wacha, a seasoned young arm with lots of life and playoff experience, and the young guys come up HUGE… Jake’s been on fire for the last three months. Came in tonight on short rest and battled hard but definitely wasn’t all there. Great to see the pups put the team on their back.

PPS – Maybe this off-season Lackey can teach the rest of his staff how to make it through 4 innings in the postseason.  Hey Wacha, Garcia, quailty starts, ever heard of one?


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