Head of NYPD Police Union Says James Blake Received Special Treatment

NY Post –

Let me first say this: I stand behind the NYPD. This city is a goddamn shitshow. There are homeless derelicts flooding the streets, drugs and gun-running always a threat, crime pops up everywhere from Greenwhich Village to East New York, and a constant influx of new residents are causing overpopulation that only makes things harder for officers.  New York Police have an incredibly difficult and stressful job that I could never handle.  I also understand what Union President Pat Lynch is doing with these statements.  He’s trying to cover for his guys and avoid having his ass handed to him when the city is on the hook for potential millions that it can’t afford.

With that said, yeah, no shit James Blake received special treatment, Pat. Blake was standing outside of the Grand Hyatt minding his P’s and Q’s when – out of nowhere – he gets suplexed by an officer who thought he was pursuing a criminal.  Funny thing is, the officer who bundled Blake thought he was pursuing a suspect wanted for selling illegal credit cards.

blake and suspect James Blake pictured on Left

I get that. Blake definitely looks like that guy, and in the heat of the moment you gotta go get your perp. Only problem is that the suspect (pictured on right) was actually the wrong guy, too.  Yeah, NYPD officers used questionable force to apprehend a famous former professional tennis player waiting in front of a five-star hotel to go to the U.S. Open after mistaking him for a suspect that they also misidentified.  Egg, meet Face.

And how ’bout the fact that when we’re dealing with non-violent suspects – like guys involved in credit card fraud – maybe we could use a more discreet method of apprehension.  I’m just talking out loud, but maybe the guy selling bunk credit cards could be pulled aside and tossed in a Paddy Wagon rather than speared in front of a hotel lobby on 42nd Street.  Who knows, the City might not be paying $6 Million to avoid a wrongful death lawsuit had officers used less-violent tactics last year.

I’m not bashing the NYPD.  Like I said, it’s an incredibly stressful profession. I have family that are police. I respect anyone who commits to that life. But don’t send your union president out to complain that someone received special treatment when your officers fucked up in the most public manner possible. That’s just how it works.  Don’t choke people to death on camera and don’t tackle famous athletes who you mistakenly think are misidentified suspects on camera either. Other than that, we’re all good.


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