Uhhh Ohhh, Bad Boy Bieber’s Drinking Hennessy on Stage… Just Kidding, He Spits Out His Liquor

I’m not going to pretend to know who or what a Rae Sremmurd is, but this concert definitely looks to be what the kids would call “Lit.”

Anyway, the Biebs was doing the damn thing on stage when he made the unfortunate mistake of trying to swig a bottle of Hennessy with cameras in his face.  Dude looked like a 15-year old Matty Fudge taking his first pull of Kevin Williams.  I can’t totally hate  because Hennessy is some funky shit to begin with but you gotta get your game up, son. A Remy Boy the Biebs is not. Still makes bangers, though.

Cue the motherfuckin’ music


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