Hey Ladies, It Was Nice Knowing Ya! 3Fap Has Arrived

Elite Daily – 

The most creative, entrepreneurial sex toy kingpin is back at it again, this time using an Indiegogo campaign to fund his latest invention – 3Fap.  Brian Sloan – who previously launched the female tool SlapHappy and raised $300K to produce the Autoblow 2 – is now blessing men everywhere with what is essentially a triple-threat Fleshlight.  We’re talking AMV, baby. Mouth Butt Vagina. If that doesn’t get the blood flowing then you might be a totally normal, healthy human.  I, msyelf, am a disgusting individual.  If a 3Fap sample pack happened to make its’ way onto my Manhattan stoop, I would be pleased to provide a review. It’s the least I could do. Maybe we could even do a little promo video at the AVNs? Never hurts to ask.

What’s that? Do I want to play the 3Fap jingle on repeat? K.

PS – What the fuck is this guy still using crowdfunding sites for?  Kind of insulting when you’ve made millions to ask future consumers to fund the production of a product that they will most likely buy.  Sex toy guys must be the biggest suckers going in retail.


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