New Book Alleges That Louisville Basketball Recruits Were Treated to Hookers and Strippers

ESPN – The University of Louisville and the NCAA are looking into allegations in a newly published book that a former director of basketball operations paid an escort service to provide sex for Cardinals recruits.

“We’re still trying to uncover the facts,” Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich said during a news conference Friday. “We want to get to the bottom of it as much as anybody does … and we will.”

The book is titled “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen” and was released late Friday. It contends that a woman named Katina Powell was hired repeatedly by former Louisville player, graduate assistant and director of basketball operations Andre McGee to provide strippers and prostitutes during recruits’ campus visits.

In the book, the 43-year-old Powell says she provided entertainment for 22 parties from 2010 to 2014 at Billy Minardi Hall, which houses Cardinals basketball players on campus. Powell said she and three of her daughters, along with other women, participated in the sex acts. Powell reveals in the book that she received more than $10,000 for supplying women for the parties.

“To say I’m disheartened, disappointed would be the biggest understatement I’ve made as a coach,” Louisville coach Rick Pitino said of the allegations during a Friday news conference.

McGee is an assistant coach at the University of Missouri-Kansas City after leaving Louisville in 2014. UMKC announced Friday night that McGee had been placed on administrative leave with pay while the school conducted a review.

The book was released by IBJ Book Publishing LLC — a sister company of the Indianapolis Business Journal. According to the IBJ, players would be named in the book, which also has several photos of Powell and other escorts with recruits and Louisville players.

Huuuuuuge conflict of interest here if your are an individual with a semi-functioning brain.  On one hand, we’re talking about a book co-written by a former (are we sure?) madame in the great town of Louisville, Kentucky. If there’s one thing I know about Louisville it’s that the moonshine is strong and if there’s another thing it’s that Louisville madame’s are the type of women who get rode hard and put away wet.  Now that latter fact might not have much to do with the story at hand, but I felt the need to illustrate that Madame Katina Powell is most definitely a bad bitch.

Opposite Mz. Powell, you’ve got the Louisville Basketball program – emphatically denying that Head Ball Coach Rick Pitino and any current staffers had knowledge of the alleged stripper/hooker parties that were organized for prospective recruits.  The alleged ringleader, former Cardinal player and Ops assistant Andre McGhee is now coaching at UMKC and conveniently unable to provide comment at the moment. But, are we actually surprised by these allegations? There are only so many threats that a thinly spread, hard-working organization like the NCAA can protect young athletes from on a daily basis.  How can we expect the NCAA to regulate an FCS baseball team’s second helping of buffet breakfast at Golden Corral and also stop athletes from getting toooo much help from after-hours tutors when they also have to catch 18-year old recruits getting their toes sucked by twenty dollar Kentucky whores??  A group of men with tightly wound briefs can only achieve so much.

Look, is prostitution a healthy recruiting tool that should be used often?  The politically correct, new school answer would be “no.”  We should probably make sure that recruits aren’t having hooker orgies at the dorms on campus visits.  But at the same time, should we? Hooking is certainly a time-tested profession, maybe the young whippersnappers could learn a thing or two about stick-to-it-edness… I got laid on one of my college recruiting visits by an average, sorta pretty sorta chubby hard 7 with giant calves. You know what happened the next morning? I signed the fucking papers.Signed em like my quill was running out of ink. First class ticket to Commitment City. Now imagine you’re an 18 year-old 6’8 bro with a silky jumper and a 43 year-old Madame on your arm. You might might be sporting a more jaded view of the world, but you’re damn sure gonna sign with Rick Pitino.

So how do we think Rick Pitino feels??  Dude probably had no idea when the hooker parties were going on. I’m sure he’s pretty far removed from the weekend recruiting schedules and off-season operations these days. That’s low-level assistant bullshit. But you and I know for a goddamn fact that Rick knew some awesome hooker parties were happening at some point. Whether it was this year, last  year, or 1995 in Lexington (IT WAS DEFINITELY ’95 LEXINGTON), Rick’s put a healthy call girl rolodex together in his day. Try to tell me Rick and Jamal Mashburn haven’t gone to war together. Puhlease… Pitino knows Madame Katina Powell by the freckles on her inner thigh. And some might say that that’s old fashioned. Some might say the Pitino/Powell power duo represents a finer time in collegiate athletics. Idk, maybe I’m just a romantic. Guess I thought we were supposed to impress recruits, not just pay them off?

Tell me Pitino wasn’t in on some hooker parties. You can’t.



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