Rajon Rondo Gets Traded To Your 2015 Western Conference Champion Dallas Mavericks — UPDATE: Worst Call Matty Fudge Has Ever Made


No BS, I’m not trolling with that headline. This is a MASSIVE trade for the Dallas Mavericks. Rajon Rondo has been twiddling his thumbs with a stagnant Celtics team this season and is still averaging 9 points and 10.5 assists per game. Think about that. 10.5 apg feeding bums with no jump shot like Evan Turner. As great of a point guard as Rondo is, the Celts had lost any purpose for him.  Boston doesn’t need to win now, they need to rebuild, establish Brad Stevens’ culture of basketball, and accumulate draft picks. Keeping Rajon around, probably winning a few more games than upper management would prefer, then having to pay him a max free agent salary would have only prolonged the rebuilding process. Boston really should have made a move in the summer because now they had to settle for nothing but future trade fillers.

On the other hand, the Mavs are sitting at 19-8, first in the NBA in scoring offense and seventh in assists. With Rondo, that assists title might be theirs soon, too.  Dallas is currently 24th in scoring defense, and while he’s not a top-tier defender, Rajon is an improvement over the Devin Harris/JJ Barea/Jameer Nelson triumvirate. At the very least, he’ll cause more turnovers and take some pressure off of Monta Ellis and Chandler Parsons, who are below-average defenders.

This move solidifies what I think is now the best starting five in the NBA. Dallas now has a mix of decent defense, high-octane offense, and championship experience (Dirk/Chandler/Rondo).  Rondo gives the Mavs a younger, more experienced point guard; arguably the most creative player at the most important position in the basketball.  Harris and Barea are nice role players but that is all they are at this point, which is fine. Now those dudes can focus on solidifying the second unit.

Watch for the Mavs to pull down the 3/4 seed in the West and continue their ascent in the playoffs.  I won’t go as far as saying this is a sure-fire championship team, but that’s only because I’m a Bulls fan (and an Eastern Conference guy at heart). This squad is a frightening match-up for any team the rest of the season. No more nights off in Dallas.

The playoffs are still a long way away, but for now we can all rejoice watching Rondo do this

and this

and this

with Dirk

and Monta

and Chandler

and Chandler

Rajon Rondo, welcome to the #Sharktank.


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