Chad Johnson Saved A Random Woman’s Life By Leaving A $300 Tip At Dinner

Your boy Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco is a strange follow on social media platforms.  Half the time he seems like the biggest attention whore on the planet, chasing retweets and Insta-likes with no inkling of self-reflection. You know, kind of what you would expect from this dude:

But at the same time, Johnson comes off as a genuinely nice guy who adores his fans and is grateful for the opportunities is his life. In the realm of celebrity, that’s always refreshing. One would think that being banished by Bill Belichick, driven to a fringe career in the CFL, and persevering through the ups and downs of a trying personal life have probably forced Chad to adopt a positive outlook on life.  Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, right?

Well, this week Ochocinco is back making social media waves with both of his borderline personalities.  On Sunday evening, Johnson tweeted a picture of a healthy tip (and pleasantry) that he left for some lucky waitress.  Whatever homegirl was putting down Chad was picking up, to the tune of 85%.

Now, we’re not here to discuss the questionable move of tweeting out your own generous, yet not that crazy, tip after a meal.  Sure, one might say that this is the most annoying move a person can pull and if someone was simply leaving a great tip for the sake of good will than he wouldn’t need to promote the deed to the masses. One might say that this is a top-5 hardo move of the social media age. One might also say “hey, fuck you Chad, I’ve left tips half that size and I’m worth about 1/1,000th of your net worth.”  One might say that.  But that’s not the point.  We’re here to discuss the beautiful moment that happened next.

On Tuesday morning, Chad tweeted that he had woken up to a direct message from a young lady who was prepared to end her life but had a change of heart after seeing Johnson’s self-published selfless good deed on her Twitter feed. This, undoubtedly, is my favorite social media moment of the young holiday season.  Throughout his career people have doubted Ochocinco’s intentions, but whether you like him or not one fact cannot be ignored: Johnson’s good nature and friendliness positively influences other human lives.  It’s a shame Chad’s NFL career ended prematurely.  He’s a damn clown, but I’ve always been a fan of the circus.

h/t Complex


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