Let Me Show You How To Dunk, Andre Miller

My second favorite 2002 Los Angeles Clipper attempted a valiant put-back dunk tonight. Sure, Dr. Andre Miller was a foot short of the rim, but that’s OK. Bunnies are hard to come by for 48-year old 5’10 veterans. That was probably Dre’s lone dunk attempt of the week. At Miller’s age it’s really just the thought that counts. Plus, back pains, bro.

To his credit, Professor Miller is still one of the top passers in the league, the stabilizing veteran presence for a young, talented Wizards locker room, and he briefly caused a stadium-wide wet pants situation with the attempt. Had he converted, I’m pretty sure Marcin Gortat actually would have reached climax.

Anyway, take notes, Andre. You were missing a few things, namely height, explosion, length, youth, low-top Reeboks, tube socks, a D.A.R.E. t-shirt from Goodwill, transparent skin, a 9.5 foot hoop, dope mobile videographer. Other than that, you were right there with me. Get ’em next time, old sport.



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