Suburban Town In California Takes The Early Lead For Best Holiday Light Show

8.9 out of 10.  This was damn impressive and it definitely takes some serious talent and a ridiculous amount of time to program, but the lights-per-home could have been more full.  Whatever psychopath put this together probably spent way too much disposable income, so for that I’ll give props where props are due, but the lighting just looks a little thin.  If you’re doing a whole neighborhood light show there’s no cutting corners, you better go for broke. My only other complaint is that it’s in suburban California so it’s probably a neighborhood full of blowhards yelling “SoCal does Christmas best!” Fuck you, don’t insult me and don’t insult Santa Claus with your palm trees.

That being said, I’m a big fan.  I’m a sucker for any holiday light show, especially set to Transiberian Orchestra. Bowl games, Winter Ale’s, new clothes, and light shows set to Transiberian Orchestra. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Now cue the GOAT

P.S. – Who does this? Some nerd in Yucaipa, CA is dying for attention from his kids, wife, neighbors, and the entire Internet, really. Just seems really odd.  The aerial view by drone makes for a pretty awesome video but there’s no way this can look that great on the ground level. Some poor little Cali toehead’s gonna wind up as roadkill when the big flash on D-minor blinds Mrs. Robinson’s rear-view.


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