Bill Burr Set To Star In FX Comedy From The ‘Always Sunny’ Team, Continues His Ascent To Dominance

At 46 years of age, comedy vet Bill Burr is hitting his stride. If, somehow, you’re unfamiliar with Burr, you should change that right now.  His latest comedy special, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, just released on Netflix and it’s his best work yet. The unapologetic, aggressive comedian holds nothing back in his brilliant, hilarious, spastic ramblings about racial tensions, political correctness, overpopulation, and religion. Burr explains his reasoning for abandoning religion and discusses why Donald Sterling is no different that your average Jewish grandfather. I watched I’m Sorry the night of its’ release and was in literal tears for almost the entire eighty minutes. I really won’t be surprised if it breaks Netflix ratings records for an original comedy special.

I’m Sorry You Feel That Way comes on the heels of Burr’s limited vinyl release, Live at Andrew’s House, from Jack White’s Third Man Records and a host of recent television gigs.  Since landing a recurring role on AMC’s Breaking Bad in 2013Burr has added eight more TV or film appearances to his resume, including a stops on New Girl, The Heat, Walk of Shame, and Kroll Show, and a stint of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian’s in Cars Getting Coffee.

Well, now it seems like ol’ Billy Red Tits is going all in. If you listen to his “Monday Morning Podcast” (appointment listening for any podcast fan) you know that Burr has been honing his craft and expanding his comedic skill set. In addition to just wrapping up writing and voice work on the upcoming Netflix animated series F is For Family (based on Burr’s comedy), Bill will now be starring in the upcoming FXX original series Pariah. What’s most exciting about this news is the Pariah is the brainchild of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia writer-producers John and Dave Chernin. The series will be directed by Sunny‘s Rob McElhenney aka Mac, and will be executive produced by Burr, McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton (aka Charlie and Dennis, also of Sunny). Not many casting details have been leaked, but one would have to imagine the boys from Sunny will be making some cameos, at the very least.

Pariah seems like the next can’t miss comedy project for FX, and should and should slide in nicely on FXX as Sunny comes to an end. The show centers around Burr as a television personality who, after an on-air meltdown, gets black-balled from the industry and is forced to navigate life with no discernible skills outside of show business. This is incredible for Bill Burr fans because it sounds like he’ll be playing an exaggerated version of himself, dealing with issues and fears that he often discusses on The Monday Morning Podcast.  We could witness some serious genius from this project. There’s been no word yet on a date of premiere, but I, for one, will be tuning in whenever it sees the light.  Here’s hoping Mr. Burr takes the comedy mainstream by storm.

As I said before, if you are somehow unfamiliar with Bill you need to get that straightened out.  Start here, then head to Netflix, or to the MMP, and give that man some clicks.


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