Dennis Rodman Ripped The Knicks A New One, Lets Watch His Beyond The Glory Documentary

ESPN – Former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman weighed in on the team’s poor play Tuesday, questioning whether Carmelo Anthony was the right fit for the Knicks and wondering if first-year coach Derek Fisher is the right candidate for the job…”They’re not running the triangle. Derek Fisher’s not really coaching. I know Phil is trying to throw his input in the background, but who expected this from Phil?”

The Knicks, who lost Tuesday night to the New Orleans Pelicans, were 4-18 entering the game. That was the worst record through 22 games in the franchise’s 69-year history. Players and coaches have said it will take some time for the team to learn the new triangle offense. But Rodman, who won three titles while playing for Jackson in Chicago, said the offense was easy to master.

“I learned that in probably 15 minutes when I was in Chicago,” Rodman said. “It’s not that difficult. It’s a triangle. Everybody has an opportunity to touch the ball and shoot it. It seems like it goes back to Carmelo Anthony and then everything stops. What are you going to do?”

For as big of a maniac as The Worm is, and he’s a HUGE maniac, he knows basketball. Dennis has a long history of questionable decision-making and is an actual mental patient, but he has a brilliant basketball mind, an unparalleled motor, and he knows exactly what it takes to become a champion. He’s close with Phil Jackson (very close in his mind, probably a keep-at-arms-length friend in Phil’s mind) and knows what Phil expects out of his players. Rodman was one of the best passing and rebounding power forwards ever, and he orchestrated the Triangle with precision from the high post. Bottom line is Rodman sees what everyone else in basketball can see: the Knicks stink.  It just adds insult to injury that the loosest cannon in NBA history picked this offense up “in 15 minutes” and ran it to perfection, yet one of the best scorers in the world (Melo) and his merry band of misfits still have no clue after 23 games.  Derek Fisher doesn’t get a pass either. He’s basically reverted back to just running a motion offense and letting Melo isolate the low block. No chance a young team will learn to run the Triangle efficiently when feeding it’s best player brings the offense to a standstill. I don’t know if the problem is stubbornness, laziness, selfishness, poor basketball IQ, or all of the above, but the Knicks downfall starts with Carmelo and Fisher, then continues down the entire roster. Except for the Iberico Ham Farmer, JC can do no wrong.

In honor of The Worm spitting truth, here’s a pretty awesome documentary on Rodman from Beyond The Glory.  It’s an insightful look into the life of the most interesting, bizarre, hardest working player in the NBA. If you’re in the mood for a shorter video, scroll down for Rodman’s epic highlight reel.

“Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college, where you figure out two plus two is 10, or something.” – Dennis Rodman


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