Just Found Out That Corey Crawford Was Injured At A Rise Against Concert, All Is Forgiven

ESPN – Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford said Wednesday he suffered a lower-body injury when he recently missed a step leaving a concert. He is expected to miss two to three weeks.

Crawford wouldn’t disclose any other details about the accident, including whether he broke anything or if alcohol was involved. He was wearing a walking boot on his left foot.

According to a source, Crawford attended a Rise Against concert at the House of Blues Chicago on Monday night.

Look, I was mad at Corey when I first heard that he injured himself at a concert on Monday.  “Missed a step while leaving” sounds like a bogus excuse and brought to mind the hilarity that is Jeff Kent.  Or Joel Zumaya.

Was it a great idea for Crawford to get shit-faced at the House of Blues in the midst of a great start to the NHL season? Certainly not. I don’t fault Crawford or any other athlete for going out and enjoying life during the season. These guys are humans like the rest of us. But more importantly, they’re professionals.  Pros know how far to push it and still be ready to practice in the morning. The thing that bothered me was when he got hurt it sounded shady.  “Injured at a concert” doesn’t sound like he missed a step on the Exit, it sounds like he got hammered drunk and and went toe to toe with This in a moshpit. Of course, he could have just missed a step.  I’ve been there, you never know until you’re walking on an ankle the size of a bowling ball that you can’t feel due to self-medication.

But really what this whole blog is is an apology accepted.  Corey, I accept your apology that you have not made with this blog that you’ll never care to read.  I do this because I just found out that you were at a Rise Against concert at the HOB.  When Rise comes to town you don’t ask questions. Even if the Hawks had a road game in San Jose at 6am the next morning I wouldn’t blame Craw for getting lit out of his skull and moshing to some “Prayer of The Refugee.” Then slow it down and suck face with Monday Night’s Puck Bunny of choice during “Swing Life Away.”  Corey probably cried enough tears of ecstasy to fill an Olympic pool. Guy just needs some time to rehydrate.  Boom, mystery solved.  I guess that “lower body injury” is a sham after all.  Drink some water, Corey. Rise is great and so are you.


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