Wednesday Night NBA Picks To Pound

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, ya’ll.  Hittin’ the local dive with some old buddies tonight? Kicking the long weekend off with a bottomless mug on Black Wednesday?  If you’re anything like me (let’s face it, you’re reading this, we already have too much in common) there’s a strong chance that you wake up fully clothed with a dead phone in your pocket and no way to locate at least two personal belongings. But I digress. When you’re buying shots for babes that you only see once a year it’s nice to know that your wallet has an insurance policy.  No better feeling in the world then catching SportsCenter on the bar TV and watching your bank statement go up, not down.  Whiskey Ciders all around!  Then for the holiday tomorrow you can be fat, drunk, and merry all day throwing free money at the NFL match-ups.  It’s fucking glorious. So it’s settled, we all like free money.  Let’s get into it:

Milwaukee Bucks -1.5 @ Minnesota Timberwolves – It’s scary betting on the Bucks.  This is a team that was supposed to be bad this year.  I keep waiting for them to play worse, but I’m done with that.  Look, the Bucks aren’t going to hang with top teams a the season gets serious, but they are better than the Timberwolves. Milwaukee is 8-7 and playing surprisingly great defense.  They’re long and fast and play with effort every night.  The only thing holding them back is their youth, immaturity on offense.  The Bucks are a top-10 defense and bottom-5 offense.  The Wolves aren’t very good on either side of the ball.  Bucks all day.

Utah Jazz +4.5 @ Oklahoma City Thunder – Can you even imagine this line if Durant and Westbrook were healthy.  I might wager my mother’s house on the Thunder if that were the case.  But it’s not.  The Thunder are reeling from injuries this season (their bench is only 9 deep) and they have no go-to scorer.  They play tough defense and put forth a good effort every night, but they’re seriously depleted.  Meanwhile, the Jazz are only 5-10, but they have been playing competitive basketball.  Gordon Heyward is really starting to take over, and Utah’s young guards (Burke&Burks) are steadily improving. What’s more, their starting lineup is just flat out better than OKC. The Jazz have played a tough schedule to start the season, and when these teams played last Tuesday the Jazz won by 17.  Take the points.

Golden State -8.5 @ Orlando Magic – The Warriors, specifically Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, are on another level. The Magic are an inexperienced, bad team trying to figure itself out.  Curry and Thompson might combine for 70 tonight.  I actually like the Magic’s young talent, Oladipo and Elfrid Payton are tough, but they’ve got a ways to go. This should be a double-digit win.

Washington Wizards +7.5 @ Cleveland Cavaliers – This seems like a “home-court” line that should actually be 4 or 5. The Wizards are not playing fantastic basketball by any means, but the Cavs are playing worse.  LeBron has the talent to win any game,Vegas loves the Cavs potential, but fact is they’re playing like shit on offense most nights. They still need to figure things out as a cohesive unit. LeBron & Co. has asked for patience and as far as I’m concerned they can take all the time they need, I’ll keep pounding the inflated lines while they struggle to squeak out wins against mid-tier teams.

Those are the four NBA games that I’m sold on.  My sure Picks To Pound.  If I had to pick every game, the picks would be: Nets/Wizards/Warriors/Blazers/Pistons/Raptors/Mavs/Bucks/Rockets/Jazz/Pacers/Suns/Grizz

Wednesday Night Evening Teaser – My favorite thing about basketball is March Madness.  Second is telling people about the time JaVale McGee put his testicles on my chin while dunking on me and another unfortunately short, Caucasian teammate. A close third is throwing around Teasers.  I love a good basketball teaser.  I haven’t done the statistics, but I have been relatively successful with hoops teasers of varying sizes.  Vegas almost always sets a good line.  The key is narrowing your picks down to the sneaky underdogs who have a good chance to cover and the favorites who you are confident will win but maybe aren’t sold on the straight up spread.   If you are sold on the spread, even better, a teaser just gives you four extra points.  Find 4 picks that you like, tease em, and win 3X your money.  Add a couple more and you’re really cooking with gas.  I only risk small units on teasers and parlays (obviously) but with so many games being played  there are plenty of opportunities any given week. Hit a few teasers a week and you’ve got money to blow elsewhere. Simple shit, really.  I especially like teasing favorites that I think will win, but are giving only 4 or 5 points. With these types of lines you’re essentially teasing it down to a ML pick.  Anyway, enough rambling.  Here’s the WEDNESDAY NBA TEASER: Milwaukee +2.5; Sacramento +8; Utah +8.5; Memphis -3; Toronto pick ’em


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