Jennifer Lawrence Continues Quest To Be America’s Funny Girlfriend But This Time It’s Disgusting

Liam Hemsworth paid a visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week and revealed one heinous little tidbit about kissing Jennifer Lawrence.  According to the “Hunger Games” star, J-Law would go out of her way to eat garlic, tuna, and other gag-inducing foods prior to locking lips with Hemsworth. This is, obviously, all part of Lawrence’s whole “coolest, funniest, awkward-yet-blazing-hot girlfriend of America” shtick.  Gotta mess with the resident hearthrob on set, keep him on his toes and whatnot. But it still doesn’t make this any less of a vile move.

I don’t care who those lips are attached to, don’t come around me breathing hot garbage.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll dig into those tuna-filled tonsil trenches for a much, much smaller paycheck than Hemsworth.  But in the real world, we all got to stay brushing.


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