Huge Week In Female Mixed Martial Arts Continues With Some Psycho In Brazil Giving Her Titties Plenty of Room To Breathe

Huff Post – The Brazilian city of Porto Alegre has recorded at least three cases in a month of people going into the streets the same way they came into the world — absolutely naked.

On November 6, the MMA fighter Betina Baino was interviewed by RBS TV, as she walked completely nude to blow off some steam. She ended up brought in by police in North Porto Alegre.

“I’m not undressed, I’m natural. What isn’t natural is people being unhealthy. What isn’t natural is an athlete prostituting herself in order to survive. What isn’t natural is a prostitute who should be rich ending up homeless,” said Betina.’

Apparently this is becoming a regular occurrence in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  They’re claiming the title of Nudity Capitol in a country that loves it’s nudity. This is a movement we can all get behind.  The World Cup has ended which means no more 20-hour traffic jams. The threat of imminent doom for every American tourist has receded to more of the usual moderate danger and expectation of robbery by knife point at the hands of a back-alley hooker. And now we’ve got big-tittied jiujitsu warriors running around in the nude? I’m sold. Wanna Get Away?

I mean, do I wish Betina Baino looked more like Rhonda Rousey and less like herself? No, no I don’t and I’ll tell you why.  This is how you start a movement.  This tattooed lunatic’s got moxy, she’s a wildcard and every great team needs a hot, naked wildcard to help build momentum.  Does it scare me that it sounds like she’s saying that she is the “athlete prostituting herself in order to survive?”  Of course it does. Is it a bit concerning that it looks and sounds like she might have just gotten robbed at a motel mid-job? Sure it is. But that’s why she’s part of the team. A team is about love, compassion, and bringing out the best in each other. Betina’s got the type of can-do attitude that’s bound to flourish with some warm-blooded, 1-on-1 camaraderie. The sky really is the limit with those big ol’ naked flapjacks.

Me and Tina’s team is all about momentum and we’re here to ensure that this exciting week in Female Mixed Martial Arts continues.  First we had our girl Leslie Smith sacrificing her cauliflower ear for the cause.  Nothing gets people talking about naked chicks fighting each other better than an exploding ear.

leslie smith

Good on you, Leslie.  That’s a true teammate.  Willing to go the extra mile and sacrifice this


in exchange for this


All in hopes of seeing some more of this:





A worthy cause for all.


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