So, Things In Philly Are Going According to Plan

At least according to Sam Hinkie’s plan.  Tankadelphia is back in full effect and my man right here is loving every minute of it!


Can’t say I blame ol’ George McFly.  Surely the Philadelphia Inquirer police blotter has way more action than that offense.
Screenshot (2)



But for real, the 76ers are atrocious.  They have some very young, raw players with exciting upside, but they’re just a bad basketball team. Dealing with injuries to MCW and Noel certainly doesn’t help. Hopefully some of those guys will still be in Philadelphia once Hinkie turns this Tank around, because they actually have potential to be a very watchable squad.  One of those young players that we like to watch is Tony Wroten. He plays some serious heroball, which, when your team sucks, is the most fun kind of ball.  To the tape!


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