The Kings Still Haven’t Realized That Courtney Lee Just Made The Buzzer Beater of the Year

Look, Rudy Gay ain’t known for his defense.  That was the worst pick-and-roll defense that I’ve seen all season, especially given that this was in a 1-pt game with 0.3 second left. And, umm, Jason Thompson, YOU MIGHT WANT TO SWITCH HERE! Just awful.

That being said, we just witnessed some serious acrobatics from Courtney Lee.  I love Vince Carter to death, but that pass was way off where it needed to be and Lee was still able to go get it mid-air, twist, and finish the reverse layup.  The season’s still in diapers, but for the time being that is our best finish of the year.  Great dead-ball play call, too.  That was drawn up and executed beautifully.  I might just have to run that with the crew in my next men’s league contest.

Lastly, I know the Kings lost and they still play pretty poop Defense, but they have been playing surprisingly well so far this season.  We all knew that Boogie Cousins would dominate, but now Rudy Gay really seems like he is comfortable in Sacramento.  Gay is having a revival year, Darren Collison is a good point guard all of the sudden, Carl Landry is still good for 10 ppg and strong effort on the glass, and Ben McLemore seems to be coming into his own.  McLemore’s play will be key for this team moving forward.  If the Kings had to lose like this, I’m glad it was to their older brother band of misfits, the Grizzlies.


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